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Bear and LANDO


We picked up Bear in October. We had been in love with him since we were accepted to adopt him. 

We couldn’t be more excited. We arrived at the collection kennels and he was in the van ready to come home with us. It is safe to say he was shook up from the journey and his beginning in life, but we snuggled him close and got him home to his lovely new fluffy bed. 

He stayed in there all day and night, he was very timid and taking his time getting used to his new surroundings. 

That evening I noticed a message about Lando on the Facebook group, I contacted the fabulous Diane straight away to see if everything was ok. Unfortunately Landos original adoptive parents were unable to keep him. We couldn’t let him be passed on to a foster, so we very quickly decided that Bear needed his Brother, for life  We drove the following day to collect Lando, it was a tough moment as I know how much Landos first parents loved him. But they made the best decision for them by giving him up. 

Bear and Lando are thick as thieves. They’re completely different characters. Lando is goofy and super confident whereas Bear is taking his time with trust and new things. He has come on leaps and bounds since October though, loves a snuggle with his mum and especially loves bounding around fields with his brother, off the lead. That’s their happiest place. 

We can’t thank the entire BSR adoption team enough for all that they did for us throughout the whole process, they are all amazing from beginning until now, present day. We always have communication, send updates and they are always happy to offer advice for anything and everything. 

But most of all we are so grateful to have these incredible boys in our life. We are so in love with them 

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